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Role of an Environment Consultant and the need for environmental clearance for Industries

Role of an Environment Consultant and the need for environmental clearance for Industries
13 Mar 2018
Role of an Environment Consultant and the need for environmental clearance for Industries By /

What is an Environmental Consultancy?

An Environment Consultancy is the firm where the advises are given addressing the issues related to the

environment or where the environment is the main concern, issues such as air pollution, water

pollution, soil pollution and other issues which affect the nature and its property.

On the contractual base with the private and the no—private or public sector, the Environment

Consultancy works with where the Environment consultants give advice on the matter which is related

to the environment management.

How does an environmental consultant work?

Nowadays, companies are investing in the research and development, the best part of it, and they are

growing and here the need for an environmental consultant comes. The Environmental Consultants

ensures that the activities of government, landowners, and private companies do not affect the

environment anyhow with relevant and appropriate standard with some regulations.

Environmental Consultants have followed work to conduct:

1. Collection of scientific data

2. Contamination assessment of soil

3. Environmental Auditing

4. Analysis of pollution

5. Inspection of the related field

6. Biodiversity planning

7. Calculating the impact of evaluation

8. Preparing a report

9. Developing the strategies

10. Finding the solutions and providing them

11. Assessment of land

12. Post and pre-investigation

13. Air assessment

14. Coordination with the clients, inspectors

15. Preparing a report on waste management policies

The Environment Consultant poses a great knowledge of environment, they have the scientific

knowledge to perform thorough assessment of environment, every industry thus opting for the

environmental consultancy in order to do their work without getting into problem caused due to

irresponsible activities which harm the environment and properties of nature, that is why consulting an

environmental consultant can be prove beneficial to the public and private organizations. The

Environment Consultants can assess you fully by carrying out the inspection and investigation if you are

willing to purchase a piece of land for your business, he would suggest you the pros and cons of the land

and worst case scenarios and, in fact, they might also carry out the survey to check the basic conditions

for the level of the contamination for the concern location or field area where they give high attention

to the details and accuracy.

An Environmental consultant carries out their office work and field work, their duty is not bounded to

an indoor or outdoor. Like, to prepare a detail report on the particular matter they use to work in an

office and for the post and the pre-inspection and investigation, they have to go to the concerned field.

The Environmental consultant have to prepare a scientific report in detail which would be understood

by a non-technical personal in an easy and effective way where their report is the result of search,

inspection, and investigation to check whether the contamination of the land, air, water, etc. will affect

the people around with affecting the nature and environment.

Why there is need of environmental clearance for Industries?

The environmental clearance is the process of assessing the impact of the planned or proposed project

depending on the environment and all the people around where it tries to minimize the negative impact

which may cause due to it to the environment. For the environmental clearance a tool is used which is

called Environmental Impact Assessment Tool (EAI), it is an important and needed management tool

which ensures the optimal use of the natural resource for the actual sustainable development, in the

true way, which is the study of evaluating the unintended consequences and situations of the proposed

project. In simple words, it is the thorough search of identifying and examining the worst case scenarios,

positive and negative impacts of the project and the evaluation of each and every situation.

The Environmental clearance certification is the Certificate of Environmental Clearance Rules, 2011

which is the piece of the legislation obtained from the Environmental Management Act as per of chapter

35:05. All the rules given in the as per of the Environmental clearance rules that guides the assessment

of the small scale and the large-scale development of the projects which shall have the positive and

negative impact on the environment.