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SMU 2430 Solar PCU

SMU 2430 Solar PCU
  • AVR technology to recharge battery faster with constant charging current even at low mains voltages.
  • Four stage intelligent charger with selectable battery types to ensure longer life.
  • Selectable charging current to accommodate different battery capacity ratings.
  • Easy retrofit for conventional lights
  • Sensitive Mode to Protect Computers and sensitive Electronic Gadgets from abnormal voltages and Surge.
  • Smart Pictogram Display.
  • Water level Indicator for battery.
  • Over current, short ciruit, reverse polarity protection, automatic battery low protection, over load protection.
  • In-built Solar Charger controller for sharing the charging, priority to Solar power.
  • Input surge protection
  • Very high efficient energy conversation, save energy.


Parameter 12V 24V
Battery voltage nominal 12V/24V Autosensing
PV panel maximum 30A
PV rating max.(recommended) 400W 800W
PC OCV max. 25V 50V
Efficiency > 96%
Idle current < 20mA
Battery absorption charge voltage(user configurable) 13.9V – 15.9V+0.2V 27.8V – 31.8V+0.2V
Battery float charge voltage(user configurable) 13.3V – 14.1V+0.2V 26.6V – 28.2V+0.2V
Battery Low indication voltage 10.3V+0.2V 20.6V+0.2V
Absorption time Max 1Hr
Grid disconnect from inverter After battery goes to float charge mode and PV energy available
Grid reconnect to inverter(user configurable) 11.4V – 13.3V 22.8V – 26.6V