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Urban and Regional Planning

Town Planning in India is not new. The Planning of Towns & Villages was done in a scientific manner in the Vedic times. Some of the Principles are valid even to-day. With the change of time, ancient theories were modified to suit in the new contemporary practice. Now-a-days Urban & Regional Planners use variety of techniques at different stages of the planning process; which may relate to surveys to collect the data, assessment of existing situation/ condition of settlement, analysis and projects for future requirements in respect of various activities.

Planning is an art of guiding the physical growth of the town/ cities creating buildings & environment to meet the various needs, such as social, cultural, economic and recreational etc. and to provide healthy conditions for both rich and poor i.e. to all the classes & communities of the society ,to live, to work and to play & relax, thus bringing about the social and economic well-being for the majority of man-kind.

Planning with a geographical component, in which the general objective is to provide for a spatial structure of activities (or of land uses) which is far better than the pattern that would exist without planning. Planning today is more flexible, working with far more information & highly complex computerised systems.

Present day cities are faced with challenges of transformation and management with respect to planning, service delivery, livability and inclusiveness. The inevitable migration accompanied with unplanned horizontal expansion has put forward several problems. The planning of the city in phased manner is the need of the hour and our stand is to develop the city through proper plans e.g Perspective plan, Development plan, Integrated District Plans , Neighborhood Plans, Area Plans, Project Plans etc.

For the Core areas of the cities, which have high population density and are congested, needs renewal and redevelopment, for the purpose, Local Area Plans & Special Area Plans are the answer. A successful Plan should be based on the characteristics of the area, and the local resources available . GCRD, is committed to play an important role for carrying out the benchmark studies in the area of Planning, sustaining heritage and disaster management techniques. GCRD devised ways to renovate slums, expand cities, modernize transportation systems, and distribute public facilities such as schools and parks etc. as per needs and prevailing development control norms and bye-laws , alongwith strong G.I.S. system. GCRD can be an effective regulatory tool in preparing Plans keeping balance between economic, social and environmental needs of the stakeholders arising from both local and global interests.